AOL 6 and attachments

Olivia Hersey HERSEYO at
Fri Jan 12 14:54:45 UTC 2001

I think that I have seen some items on list serve about AOL before, but I can't find any info to solve my problem (if it is solvable).

I have a GroupWise 5.5.3 system with most users running the 5.5.3 or 5.2.4 client.  I have 2 important users that need to communicate with a outside person who has an AOL account.  They can not send attachments to this person.  The attachments become part of the message and are garbled.  This apparently started in the last few weeks and may be timed with the outside user going to AOL 6.  Is there any setting that I can use on my GWIA to eliminate this problem?  OR does anyone know of fix on the AOL client side.  Thanks so much.

Olivia Hersey
Systems Administrator
Tompkins Cortland Community College

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