[ngw] Re: Any feedback of EP SP2

Dana Harrington harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu
Mon Jan 15 23:24:48 UTC 2001

Thanks Gene

>> Gene Mazurek <gene at masters.com> 01/15/01 04:56PM >>>

>1. Newer POA and MTA nlms were not copied to system directories of >various servers so I had to do that part manually after noticing that >something looked screwy on the dates.

Same problem I had going from GW 5.5.0 to GW 5.5.1 or GW 5.5.2.
Manual copy was required after many reinstall attempts.

>I'm wondering why I bothered with the GW service pack, actually.

My continued response to administration on applying GW service packs is "why do this if our system is stable?".

Personally, I am hoping to hold off till bulletproof is available, and then deal with all the issues that I hope to explain as normal with a major software change.


>>> Michael Herzlich <Mherzli at nabi.com> 01/15/01 11:28AM >>>
Now that it has been out for awhile I'd like to check if there have been any problems with the service pack agents or client. I'll probably install it next month unless there have been problems. We're currently running NW 4.11 and will be going to 5. 



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