[ngw] Re: Any feedback of EP SP2

Michael Strain Michael.Strain at trw.com
Tue Jan 16 18:48:29 UTC 2001

I have been fighting an issue where the Netscape Enterprise Webserver and WebAccess are running on a separate server from the Domain database that it is associated with.  When WebAccess starts it reports "GWINTER CMC initialization of GroupWise Domain database failed (f103).  WebAccess server is running NW 5.0 sp6a and GW 5.5 epsp2.

Any ideas ?

Michael Strain
Sr. Network Analyst
Enterprise Messaging
TRW Inc.
michael.strain at trw.com

>>> manielse at advo.com 01/16/01 10:07AM >>>

I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem. If you have managewise you'll notice that your WebAccess will have a consistent memory leak. Now that someone else who has EP SP2 running WebAccess has the same issue, I was wondering if anyone is having no issues with it. Thanks!

Mark Nielsen
Sr. Messaging & Network Engineer
GroupWare Services, ADVO Inc.
(860) 285-6456

>>> ngwmail at yahoo.com 1/16/2001 9:51:01 AM >>>

We've also been experiencing problems with WebAccess
not releasing threads if a connection is timed-out.
So, when the thread count reaches the max, it locks up
WA, and cannot be downed gently. Grrrrrrr. Still
looking into that issue.
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