[ngw] item restore

Dana Harrington harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu
Thu Jan 18 00:57:15 UTC 2001


GW 5.5.2 here.

I can't answer your questions directly, but have been doing a lot of item restores due to a problem I posted a couple of weeks ago.

The documentation on how it works leaves much to be desired.

I hope this procedure is much improved in Bulletproof.

The big gotcha I have run into is, any calendar info entered between the date of the backup PO you are Item Restoring from, and the date and time you run the Item Restore gets lost.

So Item Restore run today against a  backup PO dated 1/1/01 typically means the user must then re-enter all appointments entered AFTER  1/1/01 and until the time the Item Restore is complete.  Pre-existing calendar info during this period seems to be preserved.

Calendar printouts are advised before running this procedure for comparison.

The good news is, the old calendar info seems to come back OK, which is my goal.

Let me know if you have questions.


>>> "Dennis Large" <dennis.large at louisville.edu> 01/17/01 09:34AM >>>
Been reading and tinkering with things on the user restore. Looks like the item restore util is the easiest way to go, but the readme leaves a couple of questions.
1) What if fid is different? Or is that what it uses to match things up? userid is the same.
2) what if pwd is different? Don't know that piece yet.

If this doesn't work, I guess I'm left with the archive-the-old and fid editor route, which I'm really not looking forward to.

sigh - dennis

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