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Ralph Lock Ralph.Lock at bsi-global.com
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the foreign ID field has a limit of 128 characters.  If you need more,
then create a file called frgnames.cfg in the GWIA directory, and list
each domain on a new line.



Ralph Lock
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>>> mlayton at starcel.com 16 Jan 2001 21:43:00 >>>
Just figured it all out.  Yes.

Here is what you do:

1) In the details of the GWIA under foreign id, put all the domains you
want to receive mail from with a space in between.  The one to the left
(first in the list) should be the one most of your users send mail from
2) In the Access Control portion of GWIA, turn off mail relay but put
in exceptions for each of the other domains you want.  This will be done
in the following format: in the "from" field put the internet domain
(example one.com) and in the "to" field put a *.
3) If you want people to be able to send mail looking like they are at
the second domain, you need to enter an alias on their account: using
GWIA gateway put in how you want their address to look once it passes
through (user at two.com) 

Caveat: make sure your ISP knows to push all those domains to you!

Meg Layton
Director, Information Technology
Starcel Communications Group, Ltd.
703-391-0200 x.819

>>> KANFERM at williston.k12.vt.us 01/16/01 12:26PM >>>
Is it possible to have one groupwise domain and postoffice receive
internet mail from two different domains such as one.com and two.com?


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