[ngw] Mac client

Aaron Brender aaron at academy.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 18 14:23:46 UTC 2001

I am having to install MetaFrame to fully support our Mac users.  I hope it pans out ok but it does not look like Novell is ever going to produce another Mac client unless they create a java client or something.  They have outsourced to another company to take care of developing clients for the Mac but I think that they are still using IPX instead of IP and I don't know about making GW clients.


>>> avpieterson at brouwer.nl 01/16/01 02:40PM >>>
Hi there,

Does anyone know of a GW MAC Client beter then 5.2.8.

On Windows we are working on 5.5.4 that's a 32 bit client.

WEBACCESS is not a solution in our case.


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