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John Sievers jsievers at jhpiego.org
Thu Jan 18 17:02:26 UTC 2001


(6) Don't Take It for Granted...

It's true -- file services have become a commodity service provided by a modern IT department.  BUT, I bet 
you can't do this...  Can you take ANY MAJOR CLIENT platform (Windows, Mac, Unix) and share files at will 
from one common drive space?  Better yet, can you manage the file system via NDS eDirectory??  You will 

Imagine being able to save a file on a Linux workstation and having your colleague using a Windows PC share 
that exact same file.  Then turn around and share it with another colleage using a Mac.  Today, you've 
typically got 3 separate file environments to manage for this:  Apple File Shares, Windows Shares, NFS 
servers, and maybe you've got some NetWare.  You're managing each of these separately today, and it doesn't 
have to be that way.

In a short timeframe (my current guess is BrainShare 2001), you'll see a NetWare 5.1 File "Enhancement 
Pack" arrive.  It will let you access a NetWare file system using your choice of file protocols.  CIFS (for 
Windows networking clients), NFS (for unix/Linux systems), and AFP (for AppleTalk systems).  The short 
version of this explanation, is that you can use whatever client you want for file access...  No more 
Client 32 (for file services anyways).  This will probably be a paid upgrade (unless you have NetWare 5.1 
upgrade protection/maintenance) -- so you might want to think about that.

Keep your eyes peeled!
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>>> aaron at academy.tamu.edu 18-Jan-01 9:23:46 AM >>>
I am having to install MetaFrame to fully support our Mac users.  I hope it pans out ok but it does not look like Novell is ever going to produce another Mac client unless they create a java client or something.  They have outsourced to another company to take care of developing clients for the Mac but I think that they are still using IPX instead of IP and I don't know about making GW clients.


>>> avpieterson at brouwer.nl 01/16/01 02:40PM >>>
Hi there,

Does anyone know of a GW MAC Client beter then 5.2.8.

On Windows we are working on 5.5.4 that's a 32 bit client.

WEBACCESS is not a solution in our case.


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