[ngw] Off Topic: Warning on Windows ME

Dennis Large dennis.large at louisville.edu
Fri Jan 19 16:06:25 UTC 2001

FWIW, we've made public statements that ME will not be supported on our campus, at least beyond 'best effort'. New machines are still ordered with it some to save money but get reloaded (ususally) with something else on arrival.  (Campus agreement license)

So THERE, Bill! (tongue out)

Howz'at for a snappy comeback?

>>> ngwmail at yahoo.com 01/19/01 10:30AM >>>
If you have any accounts that even contemplate deploying Windows ME,
tell them to reconsider because of this specific issue.  Microsoft
states in the attached Knowledgebase Article that there is NO policy
mechanism that is officially supported on Windows Millenium Edition.
You can try Win9x policies at your own risk but Microsoft has apparently
cut off this product as a managed network client.

Zenworks claims to have support for ME but I wonder what is going to
crop up if Microsoft has put little bombs in there.


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