[ngw] help setting up 2 GWIA's

Paul Harvey HarvPa at wwc.edu
Fri Jan 19 17:17:19 UTC 2001

Make sure that the DNS name for both GWIA machines (and domain) are in the Foreign ID field for both gateways.  The first in the list is used as the domain for outgoing email.

--Paul Harvey,  IntraNetware/GroupWise 5 CNA
harvpa at wwc.edu
Network Engineer/GroupWise Administrator
Walla Walla College

>>> hbueno at microdsi.net 1/17/01 5:12:14 PM >>>
I thought I had it figured out, but obviously I don't.

GW 5.5.4 primary and secondary domains
NW 5.1

We have a GW primary domain running at our headquarters.  The GWIA
processes mail inbound and outbound just fine.  We have now converted a
satellite office to GroupWise from cc:Mail. They have their own T-1 to
the internet so we set them up with their own GWIA.

I instructed our ISP to make a DNS entry for the second GWIA with a
metric equal to our primary GWIA (in hopes of balancing/fault tolerance
for incoming mail).  Today, I turned on the secondary GWIA.  Mail
started coming in, but the messages were moved to the problem
directory.  The addresses were valid, but the GWIA didn't know this.

Some questions:
1. In a GroupWise system with one primary and several secondary domains,
can you only have one GWIA that handles outgoing mail for all domains?

2. With a 2 GWIA system, is the system capable of accepting incoming
mail from more than one GWIA?

3. If 2 is true, how can I make our secondary GWIA process messages

Thanks in advance.

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