[ngw] Some e-mail not being received

Ted Christopher Ted.Christopher at tlc.state.tx.us
Fri Jan 19 19:10:50 UTC 2001

Sounds like DNS wasn't fully updated.

>>> KANFERM at williston.k12.vt.us 1/19/2001 1:03:13 PM >>>
Three weeks ago, we changed IP addresses as part of a district-wdie change.  Since then it seems, we are not able to receive e-mail from one school district in the state and a university outside of Vermont.  Both facilities can receive e-mail from us.  When the message is bounced back, an error message that says "Unable to deliver after 3 attempts" appears in the message returned to the sender and each of the two facilities.  It seems like something it timing out but we are not sure what.  Before the IP address change, everything worked fine and right now, we can receive e-mail from everyone else.


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