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Jon Christensen JON at novell.com
Sat Jan 20 16:03:19 UTC 2001

See TID #2941885. You must first break the link between GroupWise & NDS. Then you move the user to the new OU, relink the objects & move to the new PO. The steps from the TID are below.


1. Uncouple the GroupWise user object from their NDS Object

(a.) Enable the GroupWise Diagnostics. To configure GroupWise Diagnostics for Nwadmn32 with the GroupWise 5.5 snapin, simply create an empty ASCII file named "gwsupp.fil" on the root of your C: drive. Then restart Nwadmn32. 

(b.) Highlighlight USERA.SALES.ACME and select the following menu options: Tools|GroupWise Diagnostics|Remove GroupWise Attributes

2. Move the NDS Object to it's new OU. 

(a.) Highlight USERA.SALES.ACME and select Object|Move and browse to the ENGINEERING.ACME OU and select "Change Context". 

3. Allow for NDS to replicate the change to this NDS object based on how long it typically takes NDS object change information to replicate throughout your system. Proceed to step 4 immediately though. 

4. Indicate the new NDS context on the GroupWise user directory object

(a.) Highlight the GroupWise object in the GroupWise View. 

(b.) Edit USERA, you will notice the view type should say at the top "GroupWise Ext User: . . . ." 

(c.) Edit the Network ID field reflects their new NDS Context. 

(d.) Dependent on your NDS change replication speed you may need to wait for a while to allow the changes that you made in step 3 to replicate before proceeding to step 5. 

5.Associate the user with their NDS object.

(a.) If the steps above where executed successfully, when editing USERA's NDS object, select the GroupWise Account page. A message like this will appear: "Does NDS object USERA.ENGINEERING.ACME correspond to GroupWise object DOMAIN1.SALESPO.USERA?" Answer "Yes"

6. Now proceed to move the user to their new post office. See TID # 2937353

NOTE: In some cases you may need to move the GroupWise account FIRST, and THEN make the GW-NDS association as outlined in step # 5 above.

>>> johnjonesdet at compuserve.com 01/19/01 10:53PM >>>
Haven't done this in a while, so I can't remember if the correct order
to move a user, when BOTH their NetWare and GW accounts are going to be
moved, is GW first, then network, or vice versa.

John, Detroit, MI
johnjonesdet at compuserve.com 

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