CheckSum error (Update)

Richie Judson rjudson at
Sun Jan 21 16:18:35 UTC 2001

As a followup to my previous post, I am able to validate my three PO db's so I am assuming it is my Domain db.  I found TID's 10018277 & 10026842. I have a backup of my wpdomain.db and was wondering if I should restore the backup or try a recover then rebuild of the domain off line, any suggestions would sure be appreciated.



We are running GW 5.5.4 with one domain & three PO's , this morning when we started to create users in one of the PO's we get CheckSum error, this error does not occur every time we try to create a new user but for the majority.  I read about rebuilding the database, but seeing as it is only happening in one PO would I just rebuild the PO in question? and if so does anybody have some advice about how to do this.


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