[ngw] Cleanup Options not Affecting Sent Items

Yannick Biloque ybiloque at europarl.eu.int
Fri Jan 26 07:21:24 UTC 2001

Sent Item is just a folder with filter to see only the mail flagged as send but the real mail are in the In-box, so the behavior for the cleanup is the same both for In-box and Sent Item.

To avoid delay when the user open the mailbox put in place both nightly upkeep and expire/reduce with Age limit and Trash limit poa check (may be only once a week).



>>> leanne.bains at mcglaw.com 25/01/01 17:57:12 >>>
Our cleanup options are set at the domain to delete mail after 120 days.  I know the cleanup is working for trash and for calendar, but we have sent items that have been out there for 150 days.  I am not positive about the regular mailbox, but know that sent items are not going away.  The knowledgebase suggested I update the snapins in NWADMN32 to match my GW version so I did that but the sent items are still not clearing.  Am I skipping a step?   I have a scheduled event that runs expire/reduce that affects trash  - do I need an expire/reduce for age limit?    I thought cleanup options kicked in as users entered and exited GroupWise.

Any information is greatly appreciated. 

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