[ngw] wireless web

Reid Keister Reid.Keister at hbfuller.com
Fri Jan 26 20:01:13 UTC 2001

We're using the wireles web 1.1 and it works great.  I'm anxious to test a PDA with it - anyone using the Compaq IPaq - Pocket PC?


>>> "Dennis Large" <dennis.large at louisville.edu> 1/26/01 11:52:26 AM >>>
Anybody using the wireless addon to webaccess? I was just told we're getting a few of some new phones to play with. This will naturally be at the top of some folks' lists. Curious about uninstall procedures as well, as always.

Thanks - dennis

BTW, my previous postings about the user with the archive that caused my gwchk32 to blow up. New folder did the trick. "No backups? Darn the luck."

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