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John Whitehorn John.Whitehorn at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jan 30 07:17:42 UTC 2001

I too run a weekly contents check and process the output with a TCL script. see http://dev.scriptics.com/registration/8.4a1.html my simple script to produce a summary (badly formatted at the moment) and a list of those uses above our proposed 50Mb limit (I can't wait for BulletProof and quotas). Script attached.

1)  I have added the size of the user database userxxx.db to the amount of message store being pointed at. 
2) There is a overflow problem, spotted when I had a looping housekeeping problem and I received 4Gb of messages, after a certain size the bytes go negative in the contents output.


John Whitehorn
Academic Computing Services
Information Services Directorate
The University of Nottingham
University Park

>>> Michael.Strain at trw.com 29/01/2001 21:14:10 >>>

Run a Contents check from NWAdmin32 with logging turned on.  This will created a log file showing disk space used by user.  It is preferred to run a structure check first in case there are db problems.

Michael Strain
Sr. Network Analyst
Enterprise Messaging
TRW Inc.
michael.strain at trw.com 

>>> george.taylor at bannerhealth.com 01/29/01 03:46PM >>>
Anyone know of a way to find the actual disk space a user is taking up with all of their item?

George E. Taylor
Systems Analyst
Banner Health Systems

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