[ngw] Save an email as a text

Robert Palian rpal at loc.gov
Wed Jan 31 13:59:56 UTC 2001


    I have a couple of users trying out the GWEXPORT C3PO found in the
Novell NDK. It allows saving or selected message in plain text format to
a file. It also allows appending to an existing file. It seemed to have
problems with the date under 5.2 but we are not at 5.5. Unzip the
attached file to a temporary directory and run setup from there on the
workstations where needed.

Bob Palian

>>> DIMITRIS.CHATZOGLOU at kimpton.co.uk 1/31/2001 7:20:09 AM >>>
I want to save lots of emails as a text messages. I have a user that
moves to a different location and he wants to keep the emails in a text
format. I do not want to use archive because is not gonna use GroupWise.
Is there any way to do this? I would appreciate any help.

Dimitris Chatzoglou
IT Manager
Kimpton Brothers Ltd.
dimitris at kimpton.co.uk 

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