[ngw] blacklisted!

Jeff jeff at tcnet.org
Wed Jan 31 18:56:51 UTC 2001

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Alan Downs wrote:

> Does anyone know how to get off the abuse.net blacklist?


There is no abuse.net blacklist. See <URI:http://www.abuse.net/>.

Are you speaking of another blacklist, such as one of the MAPS or ORBS
lists?  Both of those entities have information addressing the issues of
a) how to get on their lists in the first place, and b) how to get off
their lists.

MAPS: <URI:http://www.mail-abuse.org/>
ORBS: <URI:http://www.orbs.org/>


Jeff Godin
Network Specialist
Traverse Area District Library / Traverse Community Network
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