[ngw] GWIA 420 TCP error

Dan Prill DPRILL at nwhealth.edu
Tue Jul 3 20:21:02 UTC 2001

We were having trouble with TCP Read errors on a few domains for a while until I discovered that mail servers in those domains were sending back authentication packets that our firewall was blocking. Once I opened up the firewall to those packets, the TCP Read errors went away.


>>> hbueno at microdsi.net 07/03/01 02:46PM >>>
Just to clarify, this is a GWIA problem.  The rest of the GW system
works just fine.


Brian Volpone wrote:
> Does your system hang on the TCP Write Errors? Things get slow and
> GroupWise is totally inaccessible? Try "Reinitialize System" at the
> server console prompt.
> I don't know why this happens, but at least that gets things running
> again. Judging by some things that have happened here, I'm theorizing
> it's got something to do with the nic, but I don't know that.
> Brian Volpone, CNE
> Network Support Specialist/Network Administrator
> email: bvolpone at luthercare.org  OR bvolpone at success.net 
> >>> hbueno <hbueno at microdsi.net> 07/02/01 06:06PM >>>
> We started getting these errors last Monday.  Some email to certain
> domains cannot be  sent even though the address is correct and message
> is formatted properly.  The strange thing is it happens only to
> certain
> domains, and not all messages to those domains are affected.  Message
> sizes range in size from 4K to 5 or 6 MB.  Per Novell TIDs, this is
> not
> a GWIA problem.  They suggest using route.cfg to hard code the mail
> exchangers for those trouble domains.  However, I see this solution
> can
> become very cumbersome over time.
> Has anyone else experienced 420 TCP Write (or Reda) errors?  Any fix?
> My system (and GWIA) is GroupWise 5.5 SP4 running on NW 5.1 SP2A

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