[ngw] GW5.5e WebAccess Problem

Ralph Lock Ralph.Lock at bsi-global.com
Tue Jul 10 08:10:47 UTC 2001

What version are you using?

I've seen similar problems where users insist on using the "file - send
to " option in Office products.  This seems to generate empty folders in
the mailbox - which are completely invisible in the 5.5 client.  After a
while, there are so many of these empty folders (in the mailbox and
nested 3 deep in the cabinet) that nothing shows up in WebAccess.

Also, if you keep going, you get the 'too many sent items' error
message, but filtering does no good.

The only solution I've found is to go into their mailbox with the 5.2
client (which I've kept just for this purpose) and manually delete
several hundred (and sometimes thousands) of empty folders


Ralph Lock
Server Engineer - Corporate GroupWare
British Standards Institution
+44 (0) 208 996 7867

>>> black-7 at medctr.osu.edu 09 Jul 2001 18:32:57 >>>
Hello all.  I'm having the following problem with just one user in my
GW system.  When he accesses GroupWise from WebAccess, he can't open his
mailbox.  He can log in, and even open/view items in his Cabinet.  But
the actual mailbox just says "0 items displayed".  
>From the 'regular' GroupWise client, he has three unread messages in
his mailbox.

I've done everything except "Recreate user database" to no avail.

Ideas, anyone?


Doug Black
black-7 at medctr.osu.edu 

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