GroupWise is not being terminated

Richard Bliss rabliss at
Tue Jul 10 19:10:11 UTC 2001

Many of you saw the message that was posted this morning concerning GroupWise being discontinued next year. This was message was a hoax sent by an unknown user. Unfortunately it has caused serious concern for many of the GroupWise users who subscribe to this list and has now begun to circulate on the Internet. Novell has begun to receive calls from numerous GroupWise administrators worried that the product is to be discontinued.
Novell is still very much committed to GroupWise. We have had very good success with the launch of GroupWise 6 and are now seeing very positive responses from the press and analysts about the product. Your support in helping to contain this rumor is very much appreciated. If anyone has any questions I can be contacted directly.
Richard A. Bliss
Manager, Product Marketing
Novell, Inc. Leading Provider of Net Services Software

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