[ngw] GW Ceasing Support

Dennis Large dennis.large at louisville.edu
Tue Jul 10 23:49:00 UTC 2001

details, details... :-)

BTW, if you didn't see, things were made official today. Official day one for Novell is tomorrow.

>>> beels at technologist.com 07/10/01 02:56PM >>>
Well, since Eric's CEO'ship is ending next week (barring a major snafu with 
the Cambridge buyout), since that's not how he signs his email, since I 
haven't heard anything about this internally, since the letter would come 
from a VP/Director in support not the CEO, since it would also have the 
name of a GW product manager on it, since a real letter would provide so 
much more information than this, since a real letter would have 4-5 
paragraphs of marketing gobbleygook in it, since a real letter wouldn't say 
that support is ""ceasing" but that it would be "transitioning" and since 
it didn't refer to the support lifecycle page on the web...  And those are 
just off the top of my head.

I'd say it's false.  But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong (but I 
doubt it).  ;-)

At 12:46 7/10/2001,  Annette Robart was inspired to say:
>Did you get this email? Is this for real?
>Annette Robart
>Fraza/Forklifts of Detroit
>This message is being sent out to all Groupwise users.
>On January 1st of 2002 Novell Corporation will be ceasing support for its 
>Groupwise messaging platform.   We will continue to sell licenses until 
>4th Q 2002 but will not be supporting the product beyond 1st Q 2002.   The 
>reasoning behind this is a shift of reources within the company to other areas.
>Sincerely yours
>Eric Schmidt


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