GW Maint Not completing

Michael Balasko MPB at
Wed Jul 11 00:24:58 UTC 2001

Has anyone seen an issue where scheduled maint isn't being completed? 
I have my Po's set to run a night anafix/index, and a weekly structure check. 
Then they are supposed to email me the results. 
I see some files in the ofs subdir, but they are not completed, and it looks like the PO
is not finishing the job, and thus i never get a completion status.. thsi just started 
acting weird yesterday. 

1- Why? 
2- Are these jobs queuing up and if so where? 
3- Should I do a stanalone GW check on this po? 


Mike Balasko CCDA, CCNA, MCNE 5, MCP, MCSE2K,  N+, A+
City of Henderson
DoIT Network Specialist II

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