[ngw] gwtsa

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Wed Jul 11 12:50:12 UTC 2001

Definately interested in follow-ups - I'm going to GW6 in the next couple of weeks and I already use BENW8.5

When I load GWTSA it says "Loging disabled" - maybe you have loging on and the log files are getting corrupted (guessing here) ?


>>> "Sylvain Phaneuf" <sylvain.phaneuf at imsu.oxford.ac.uk> 07/11 1:41 pm >>>
Yes we are trying to do the job via the tsa. 

The investigation is going on:

We are getting this problem only on PO which are bigger than about 5 GB.
We noticed that all the skipped userxxx.db files are at the bottom of the list in alphabetic order, i.e. usert6r.db, userwrg.db, etc. This means that when one is skipped, all the rest will be skipped. On the server console we get several messages like:
00:19:15 ERR: OpenDataSetForBackup Error<0xFFFDFFFC>
00:19:15 ERR: tsa_320.c Cannot allocate a directory handle (0xFFFDFFFC)
00:19:15 ERR: OpenDataSetForBackup Cannot allocate directory handle for SYS:SYSTEM/TSA/TEMP

If we look at the salvageable files in that folder we see between 500 and 600 files, including temp files representing msgx.db files, all of which are 40 - 60 MB in size. We have now purged the SYS volume and set the immediate-purge on for the tsa/temp folder. Will see if things get better today. 

Will report back tomorrow if anyone is interested.

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