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Jim Lombardo jlombard at acp.org
Thu Jul 12 13:59:47 UTC 2001

Guinevere runs like a champ here. GWIA 5.5.4 on NW 4.11, Guinevere WS NT4 SP6, McAfee 4.5. I reboot the NT WS every week or so just to clean things up.

Jim Lombardo
Network Administrator
American Center for Physics
jlombard at acp.org

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Guinevere runs here unobstrusively, just doing it's job and doing it well.  We're running 5.5 EP SP1.  NAV 5 on the Guivevere workstation.


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Thanks for the info.  Have you had any issues with your GWIA since Guinevere implementation??  The reason I'm asking is that, I've read over the FAQ's on their web site and I see that Novell does not endorse this product.

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