StuffKey scripts for GroupWise

Scott Jones sdjones at
Thu Jul 12 14:05:18 UTC 2001


Here is a script for GW 5.2 using stuffkey; I used it many times, I just haven't adjusted it for GW 5.5.

# Shutdown the Internet Agent
<screen=GroupWise Internet Agent>

# Shutdown the ADA
<screen=GroupWise 5 ADA - WCPL>

# Shutdown the Message Transport Agent
<screen=GroupWise 5 MTA - WCPL>

# Shutdown the Post Office Agent
<screen=GroupWise 5 POA - WCPL.LIBRARY>


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>>> BAllison at 07/11/01 02:56PM >>>
Does any use the Novell utility StuffKey to shutdown their GroupWise NLM

I am looking for some quick scripts to get me going, as I don't have the
time to dig into StuffKey right now.  If anyone is willing to share, I would
appreciate it.

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