[ngw] POA and MTA on same server using IP

Matt Ray mraymus at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 17:06:00 UTC 2001

Yes, you can use IP between MTA and POA on the same server.  In fact it's the preferred way.    Ironically, sometimes when an MTA comes up on a server, it takes longer to access and communicate with its directories than it does with its ip connections.     This should work.     You may have to force it with a /mtpinport and /mtpinipaddr switch, but you shouldn't have to.  Also, make sure there aren't a problem with the ports.  Your poa shold be saying something about an MTP process is up and listening for communications.


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>>> Ray Diers<RADiers at wausaucoated.com> 07/18/01 12:26PM >>>
Hey all,

I used to have a POA and MTA on one server using direct connections.  Then I moved the POA to a new server and started  client server only connections. Now I want to move the MTA to the same new server using IP connections.  I have not been able to get this configuration working.  Messages will not go through.  

Can you use IP connections between a MTA and POA when they are both on the same server?  

Thanks in advance,


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