GW6 - P.O.'s closed

Greg Bembridge, CET, CNE, MCP greg at
Thu Jul 19 00:11:15 UTC 2001

What a great (sometimes frustrating) learning experience this has turned
out to be.  I have six post offices, managed to get two open, but the
rest will not.  Even the po on the same box as the domain (MTA) will not
open.  Using GW6, all in IP in the link configuration.  I do not believe
there is a need to have MTA on all post offices so that has a REM in the
grpwise.ncf file on all servers but the domain server.  Please correct
me if I am wrong in that assumption.  I also always get the invalid /
8f03 error everytime a post office opens, but that's a difficult one to
find and the TID says it will work anyways.  Using high security, no
mapped drives, all TCP/IP.

Anyone with any ideas please advise, it is difficult to find a
troubleshooting guide that is thorough for this.

Thanks, Greg

Greg Bembridge,CET,CNE,MCP
Steadfast Computer Network Services
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