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Sean Kirkby SKirkby at Concentrico.net
Wed Jul 18 21:14:17 UTC 2001

Hey Drew,

When you say "I have reloaded... with no success"... does this mean you just reinstalled the software?  Or did you completely remove it first?

I would try removing the gateway object, if you haven't already done it.

Also, what other agents (if any) are running on the WebAccess box?  What OS are your running WebAccess on?


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>>> DWEIDMAN at weber.edu 07/18/01 02:58PM >>>
I have been testing an installation of GroupWise 6.  I am having problems with WebAccess.  When starting WebAccess I get error "CMC Initialization of GroupWise domain database failed (1fc).  I have reloaded WebAccess with no success.

I have read TIDs on similar errors.  Most seem to suggest a recovery of database.  I have tried this with no success.  Many TIDs mention a GWCACHE.DB file.  I cannot find this in my system.

Any thoughts?


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