[ngw] GW6 - P.O.'s closed

Greg Bembridge, CET, CNE, MCP greg at steadfast.ca
Thu Jul 19 22:46:35 UTC 2001

Thanks once again for all your replies.  I got at it first thing this
morning and new there was something wrong when I saw in one of the p.o.
configuration logs that the post office was using UNC.  Console1
distinctly was set to TCP/IP.  I then checked in TCPCON and found
nothing was listening, so I found a TID on manually entering the ip's
and ports in the .poa file, tried that and it worked.  Then, rebuilt the
post office and after doing that to four p.o.'s (and rebuilding a couple
of ngwguard files) everything is working fine now.  Thanks for the help,
Greg Bembridge,CET,CNE,MCP
Steadfast Computer Network Services
greg at steadfast.ca
Tel/Fax: 902-826-2179
Pager:  902-498-0680

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