[ngw] Exporting UserID, Name, and SMTP Alias

Morris Blackham mblackham at gw.novell.com
Thu Jul 26 16:14:28 UTC 2001

Unfortunately, the Gateway Alias was never added as an NDS attribute.  The only way to get these is using the API gateway.


>>> stephanie.peterson at hbfuller.com 07/26/01 10:16AM >>>
I am trying to compile a list of our system users to include the User ID, First Name, Last Name and external e-mail address (which would be the user's GroupWise SMTP Alias @xyz.com).  I have created similar lists in the past using the "export" from the GW Snapins in NWADMIN to create a flat .txt file, and also by using an ODBC for NDS tool to link tables and create queries in MSAccess.

My problem is, I cannot find the NDS/GroupWise Class which contains an attribute for the SMTP alias.  I have found the other attributes (name, ID, etc...).  Can anyone point me to good documentation of what fields in NWADMIN (or ConsoleOne) the attributes and classes coorespond to?  OR, even better yet, could someone point me directly to the atrribute?  Is this even possible?


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