Routing Listserver Traffic Through GWIA

Mary P. Van Engelen maryve at CSIS.ORG
Thu Jul 26 21:08:19 UTC 2001

I'm trying to setup a Lyris list server on a Win2K workstation.  I want the GWIA (5.5.4) to accept the traffic for the list server and forward incoming to the list server and send outgoing out through the BorderManager firewall.

Yesterday, I set up a foreign external domain and added a PO and a user that would route the traffic for my test list.  I can send a message out directly from the list serve, but the list server is not receiving the replies.

I had the ISP add an MX record to point the list server traffic to the mail domain.  

When I was setting up the foreign domain, I was not able to create it with the primary domain selected - the "create" choice was grayed out.  A couple of TIDs said to do it that way.  So I created it with the top level (above the domain) selected instead.  Could this be the difference? (BTW, this is a one domain, one PO system with about 250 mailboxes)

I also wonder if I should add the domain name for the listserver to the Foreign ID list.

Another question is: with the foreign external domain created, is there a way to make it so that the incoming address for the external user is the same as the list serve?  Right now, it appears that the incoming address has to be instead of (it's there as an alias, though).

I hope this is clear.  Anyone have experience with this kind of setup?


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