[ngw] GroupWise Screening

Eric Lanyon elanyon at rfi.com
Wed Nov 7 16:14:15 UTC 2001

Is the email on your servers or on web-based servers, ie Hotmail?  If it's Hotmail, you are SOL (least I think so, but you could use an Internet Filtering tool to deny access to those types of sites).  Not sure if they support GW, but I know SurfControl has an email filtering program.  Though I haven't tried it.  Their website is www.surfcontrol.com 

>>> KANFERM at wsdvt.org 11/07/01 06:52AM >>>
Is there any software that will allow us to screen the content of e-mail sent to students at school?  We are interested in scanning it only for inappropriate content and would like to send e-mail containing specific words to an individual for review.

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