[ngw] [NGW] GW monitoring solutions

DOUG WALKER dowalker at salliemae.com
Tue Jun 4 18:00:15 UTC 2002

We have their product Control, which we find helpful in monitoring and also in reporting. The monitoring aspect seems more stable than the reporting part.
Their new product, that they are call Xray for GW seems very interesting also.

Douglas Walker
GroupWise Administrator

>>> JLAPIN at concoursmotors.com 06/04/02 11:38AM >>>
IntelliReach has been mentioned on this in the past. I've not purchased any of their products, but they do look interesting.


>>> Brian.Wredberg at udlp.com 06/04/02 11:09AM >>>
What is everybody using to monitor their GW systems?  I am asking about
3rd party utilities that will page you when it senses a problem and then
again when there is a resolution.  I don't really need good reporting
tools, althought that would be a bonus.
Brian Wredberg
United Defense, LP

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