[ngw] email forwarded by rule to AOL don't work

Joe Acquisto acquistj at lan.newpaltz.edu
Mon Jun 10 10:54:32 UTC 2002

I've seen instances where some sites refused mail sent from GW, giving a
user unknown message in return.

Found that same message,  forwarded via another mail server (a trusted
smart host), it was delivered
every time.

The other end refused any help to find the problem.  I wrote it off to
either a DNS/MX issue at their end
(not looking at good sources), or, a local "black list" issue.

In the case of AOL, they may very well have changed something that is
causing your issue.

Joe Acquisto
SUNY New Paltz
845-257-3134 (V)
845-257-6900 (F)


>>> michael_klein at mindspring.com 06/09/02 00:23 AM >>>
I found a TID #10025361 that describes my problem perfectly. I am
running GW 5.5 with latest Service Pack. I have a user here that has a
rule set up that will forward a copy of his incoming email to his AOL
account. This rule was set up and working properly for almost a year.
Now all of a sudden it is acting flakey. Sometimes it works, but most of
the time it doesn't forward to AOL. He has another rule which forwards
to another ISP and that works fine. 

Watching the GWIA screen on the console shows the message being sent
out, but when he checks his email on AOL - the message never arrives. I
deleted the rule and created it again. It still doesn't work. What now?
Do I delete his GW account and recreate that too? Does Novell have a
solution for this yet? What is it about AOL that makes it so
"special"??? :-)

Thanks for any help,


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