[ngw] GW 6 requirements

Tony Vissoc tvissoc at scitexdpi.com
Tue Mar 5 16:16:52 UTC 2002

What other services run on this server?

This server would probably be able to handle even our environment where
there are 350 to 400 active connections at peak.  RAM would be on the
lower end for us... You should be fine with only 25 users.

How many receive threads are you running?  What kind of volume of
internet email do you send/receive?

Ideally, I would run gateways on a separate server under a secondary
domain.  My life became much happier when I decided to do this.  The
only gateway I run on my main GW server is the API gateway for routing
faxes from RightFax.  I currently run my gateways on an NT server. 
Webaccess, GWIA, Async (beta) and MTA.  Server also does RightFax.

Short answer, you'll be fine.  Just patch and config server settings
for optimal GW usage.  Monitor threads and adjust up/down to suit.

>>> dan at web-site1.com 03/05/02 10:32AM >>>
Hello everyone,

For those of you that have already upgraded to GW6...

We are running 5.5.2 (which came with the Netware 5.1 small business 
suite) on a PIII/800 server with 396MB RAM with very few problems. (ran

out of receive threads the other day)  Only 25 users share this single

domain, single PO setup.

We are looking at upgrading to GW6 for the wireless functionality.  We

will be running Webaccess also, which we are not doing now.

1) Do we need a separate web server?  (we are running BorderManager 
FastCache proxy also)
2) If so, fine.  But will the existing server require any upgrades to 
run the GW6 agents?
3) Will we have better options for filtering SPAM? (that's why we ran 
out of receive threads)
4) Any other "heads-ups" I should be aware of?



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