[ngw] Client Options for Default Actions

Matthew Moncaster Matthew.Moncaster at circle33.org
Tue Aug 5 15:31:42 UTC 2003

Might need a registry key pushed down to everyone -

"Attach DoubleClick"=dword:00000001

-and similar, look in regedit at this location for more examples.

Some of the defaults are silly, eg default to Properties of sent items
instead of Opening them. However in this particular case I prefer to
View attachments by default, as a particular file type doesn't have to
be registered on the PC in question for the Viewer to at least have a go
in showing it to the user...


>>> phasenjager at fzacpa.com 05/08/2003 16:17:38 >>>
Is there any way to set the Default Actions for an entire post office?

For example, I want the default action for file attachments to be Open


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