[ngw] Groupwise "version"

Todd J. Seagraves todd.seagraves at gbe.com
Wed Aug 6 19:22:15 UTC 2003

Also REM out the build number line in the software.inf file.

>>> dapara at gebsmith.com 08/06/03 02:15PM >>> 
The Bump numbers are found in the registry and the domain and post 
office database. The build numbers are found in the registry and 
software.inf in the SDD. My suggestion would be to recreate the SDD and 
edit the build numbers. Make sure the build number on the client is 
higher than all the build numbers in the software.inf files. 

>>> todd.seagraves at gbe.com 08/06/03 03:03PM >>> 
It is checking the SDD, that is where the software.inf file is. I 
don't use the SDD so to get around that message I created 1 SDD for all 
my PO's and I leave some old 5.5 software in there. I don't get the 
messages anymore. 

>>> harvpa at wwc.edu 08/06/03 01:52PM >>> 
Do they (the POs) all use the same SDD? If not, it could be a bump 
number difference in the different SDDs. 

Paul Harvey 
harvpa at wwc.edu 
Network Engineer 
Walla Walla College 

>>> smadrit at salans.com 08/06/03 11:43AM >>> 

Does anybody know where groupwise gets it's version information from? 
it seems to be coming from the POA. 

I have the GW 6.03 client installed on my pc, locally. 
When I connect to my PO it works fine. 
When I connect to a PO acroos the WAN as a different user I get a 
message telling me that new software is available and do I want to 
upgrade. I want to get rid of this message. I noticed a reg change 
after I say No to upgrade and no to ask me again. The only problem is 
that when I then try to connect to a third PO it asks the same question 
and changes the reg back to what it was... all 3 poa's are the same 
version, 6.0.0 

I found a TID mentioning a software.inf file, but I don't have a 
software distribution folder from where I run it as a workstation 
install, mine is installed locally and there is no such file in my local 
grpwise folder. 

Slava Madrit 
Global Network Manager 
S A L A N S 
smadrit at salans.com 


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