[ngw] AOL

Roland Gaspar rgaspar at patlq.com
Tue Aug 12 21:23:32 UTC 2003

on your GWIA, is your "tcp read errors" climbing?  sometimes, instead of telling you that they don't like you, they just drop the connection...

Roland Gaspar
Tel.: (514) 398-7880 xt 8603

>>> DMazzanti at CBJLawyers.com 08/12/03 05:06PM >>>
Has anyone had any recent problems sending messages to AOL users?  We
can receive from AOL, but users on that side are not receiving any
messages from our side.  No failed messages, GWIA seems to be
processing, and we are not on any public blacklists.  Does AOL have it's
own internal blacklist we may have gotten on?
Recently upgraded to GWise 6.5.
Thanks for your help everyone!

Crabbe, Brown & James

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