[ngw] Sobig-F Cleaning from Mail Boxes??

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Wed Aug 20 13:18:27 UTC 2003

Check out TID 10052696


>>> clyndes at bsdvt.org 20/08/2003 14:14:42 >>>
Dear Folks,
Our luck ran out.  We have several machines which became infected with
Sobig-f, and before we could intercede they delivered many copies of the
virus to people's mail boxes (the virus is FAST).
We are a public school.  The teachers will all come back over the next
several days.  I would like to remove the virus messages from their in
boxes before they get a chance to double click on the attachment.
GroupWise 6.0 SP3.
I have a vague memory of there being a utility that might allow me to
use the subject, or something like that to delete messages from the
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!
Craig Lyndes
Burlington School District

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