Sobig-F Cleaning from Mail Boxes??

Charles Taite charlest at
Wed Aug 20 13:49:42 UTC 2003


If you can accelerate your adoption of GroupWise 6.5, GWAVA 2.5's post
office scanner can sweep Sobig-F out of your POs in short order. The
simplest method would be to set GWAVA's attachment blocker to look for
SCR and PIF files, although you could also use GWAVA's more traditional
AV capabilities as well.

Charles Taite
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>>> "Craig Lyndes" <clyndes at> 8/20/2003 9:14:42 AM >>>
Dear Folks,
Our luck ran out.  We have several machines which became infected with
Sobig-f, and before we could intercede they delivered many copies of
virus to people's mail boxes (the virus is FAST).
We are a public school.  The teachers will all come back over the next
several days.  I would like to remove the virus messages from their in
boxes before they get a chance to double click on the attachment.
GroupWise 6.0 SP3.
I have a vague memory of there being a utility that might allow me to
use the subject, or something like that to delete messages from the
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance!
Craig Lyndes
Burlington School District
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