Upgrade Change server Urgent please

Arnaud Goupillière Arnaud at dartmouth.ccfne.ns.ca
Wed Aug 20 13:50:27 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I have a Netfinity 5000 that needs to be replaced by another Netfinity
5000.  The actual server is running NW51SP5, ZfD3, an 1 POA GW6 (no
The plan is to upgrade to NW6 and keep the POA at the 6 level until the
main GW server is upgraded to 6.5.  The new server will have the same IP
and name than the old one.

What is the best practice to do the change.
Any good TIDs, anything special to avoid or to do ???
Should I install 5.1 on the new machine, transfer from backup and
upgrade to NW6 or install NW6 and reinstall everything.
Please could you give me some light on the subject, the work needs to
be done by tomorrow night.
Thank you in advance.



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