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Shawn Pinto SPinto at rca.on.ca
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Hi Bruce,
I think this particular pdf document would be a great help and actually
I recommend it to anyone who is new to web services within the Netware
P.S. make sure you have SSL enabled for your WebAccess and avoid using
the standard http port. This generally uses port 443 but you could also
change this for added security.
Good luck!
Shawn Pinto
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>>> Peter.VanLone at mbtmadison.com 10/03/03 11:38AM >>>
You need this:


It will help you understand what's going on -- and make the fix a

Awesome resource for apache issues generally


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I just finished configuring Web Access for GW 6.5. 

Question # 1: I know I have seen this posted before - How can I get
of the page that asks what language you want to use and go straight to
the login page?

Question # 2: I have my web server configured on the same server as my
GW. Before I started with webaccess I was able to get to use the
webadmin page for novell using port 2200. Now after configuring
webaccess I get an error saying the web page is unavialable. I
changed some settings when I configured my web access. Has any one
encountered this and know how i can get it back?


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