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Thys de Beer Thys at nwpg.gov.za
Wed Dec 7 05:25:14 UTC 2005

HI Bob,
Forgot about this site....i'll have a look thanx a million...
Kind Regards,

Thys de Beer
Network Operating System Administrator 
Cell: 082 456 1891

>>> Robrinsky at roillc.com 12/6/2005 6:07:54 PM >>>

Don't know if this will help, but there are two freeware utilities at
http://www.netwarefiles.com/backup.htm, sbackup.zip and sbackvol.zip.
They are old and probably don't support nss volumes, but maybe they can
provide a starting point?

>>> rblanken at pacific.edu 12/6/2005 10:42:33 AM >>>

I am in the same boat with wanting/needing to backup GroupWise 6.5.2 to
a disk drive using sbcon and the GroupWise TSA's. If there were a
"virtual tape agent" available for sbcon then that would resolve my
We spent a few days constructing a script that would utilize
gwback32.exe and dbcopy.exe to backup GroupWise to a disk from a windows
workstation but for some reason, the gwback32.exe was causing the user
databases to rebuild. Is the an updated version of gwback32.exe?
I had experienced the same problems with my iscsi volumes not loading
even with the correct iscsi load commands in the Autoexec.ncf. It seems
that the iscsi commands work best when loaded last. Here is what I added
to the end of my autoexec.ncf file to get it to load on a reboot: 
iscsinit connect iscsi address
?Y #
?Y #
?Y #
Note: the "Mount All" statement is entered twice in the file, original
location and at the end of the file.
Rodney Blankenship, CNE, CCNA
Systems Administrator - NetWare/GroupWise
University of the Pacific 
Office of Information Technology
877 W. Stadium Drive
Stockton, Ca. 95211
(209) 946-2251
(209) 946-2898 (fax)
rblanken at pacific.edu

>>> Thys at nwpg.gov.za 12/05 9:42 PM >>>

HI Randy,
Yip, but we cant buy backup software already spend a million and a
half...so i wish so that nwback32/sbcon could backup to volumes....man
that would have been nice...well my issci stuff looks fine for....i used
toolbox and gwbackup in the meantime to manually "backup" to they iscsi
nss volume on the files for each server.......oh just onthing why if i
restart my server the iscsi volume is not mounted, i have to mount it by
hand....i did add the mount all after the issci commands in my
Kind Regards,

Thys de Beer
Network Operating System Administrator 
Cell: 082 456 1891

>>> randygrein at comcast.net 12/5/2005 5:22:57 PM >>>
Hmm. It might work - certainly worth checking out. Many backup 
applications will be happy to backup to disk - Backup Exec, for 
example has had this capability for several years.

However I suspect you have an issue with iSCSI compatibility that 
will need to be resolved first.

Randy Grein, Master CNE, CCNA

On Dec 2, 2005, at 1:38 AM, Thys de Beer wrote:

> HI All,
> I have asked this before but no reply or i missed the
> reply....anyway......
> Here is my thoughts.....we have spend a heapload of money on a
> r200 for backup purposes, now maybe i am just stupid but the
> iscsi/mirroring they proposed is not working properly, some mirrors 
> just
> never get to 100%, and i mean never it goes on for weeks with no
> luck....not even mentioning the WAN servers that is even worse....
> So i was thinking that if i could create iscsi nss volumes on the
> for each server, i can do backups to these volumes for each server
> right....from there is will be snapshotted etc by the r200...so 
> help me
> here, normal copies etc also does not work /openfiles/stops for no
> apperent reason etc...so i was thing if i could only use SBCON/ 
> NWback32
> to do backups to these volumes it would be create...now if i could 
> only
> fine a tape emualtor or something that will allow me to backup to 
> these
> volumes, this emulator i can give then all the space on these r200
> nss/iscsi volumes nad bobs your uncle....nice with scheduled
> backups...AND restore that will work...???any ideas
> Kind Regards,
> Thys de Beer
> Network Operating System Administrator
> @ NWPG
> Cell: 082 456 1891
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