[ngw] unexpected improvement

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at toronto.ca
Fri Dec 23 19:49:35 UTC 2005

Which version?  In the 6.5.5 client the Trash folder selector in Find 
is dimmed out, so I can't even search through the trash (although I 
can use a filter).


>>> Holly Newman <ngw at ngwlist.com> 22 Dec 2005 >>>

In v6.5, the Find feature would find items in the Trash, present you
with an Undelete option in the right-click menu, but it wouldn't
actually Undelete from the Find window.  When we complained about that
(assuming it was a bug), we were told that the actual bug was that Find
shouldn't search the Trash.  We complained even more loudly, insisting
that the behavior was fine, they just needed to make the Undelete work
so we didn't have to search for messages twice.

I just discovered by accident that the Find now works as we had hoped. 
I did a Find and some Trash items came up on the Results screen.  On a
lark, I tried the Undelete and much to my delight, it actually worked.

Just thought I'd share.  Happy Holidays!


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