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Matt Ray mray at gwguru.com
Fri Dec 30 19:43:19 UTC 2005

There is an app called PDA connect and it is supported by Novell.    There are more things coming as well, including some kind of partnership with Intellisync, plus a bunch of 3rd party vendors out there.... nexic, gwanywhere, some stuff by toffa, notifylink, gwbiz, omni-ts.   So if you don't like what ships with Novell, there are definitely alternative solutions. 

>>> On 12/30/2005 at 11:34:21 am, in message <509526700512301134y516789bdlf2518a4335f8a853 at mail.gmail.com>, budthegrey at gmail.com wrote:
I almost forgot -- Palm sync.  I saw a page on the Novell site implying that
it comes with GW7, but is not supported?

On 12/30/05, Bud Durland <budthegrey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some questions (and assumptions -- please correct / expand as required)
> * We can still use thunderbird in IMAP mode, no problem
> * We can continue to use OutLook & connect it to GroupWise.  It sounds
> like it would work best to un-install OutLook, install the GroupWise client,
> then re-install Outlook
> ??  - How best to move messages and so forth?  I have a nifty utility that
> I found on the internet called IMAPCOPY that does just that -- copies IMAP
> accounts and messages from one server to another.  Calendars, tasks, etc are
> a different matter.
> ?? - How is the performance of the GW client outside the firewall?  I have
> a couple of folks wth laptops, and some that work from home.  We don't have
> a VPN.  I know that WebAccess works fairly well, but I'm just as inclined to
> poke a hole through the firewall for the GW client to connect.
> ?? - GW has those nifty document libraries that integrate with Word,
> Excel, Wp, etc.  It looks like there is some interesting capabilities there,
> but I'm unclear about if they are an "all or nothing" affair.  Can users
> still save document to their local hard drive, or to a drive on the
> network?  How intrusive is the library?
> ?? - What's the best method for backing up the GW message store?  One good
> thing that can be said about "simple" mails servers is that the messages are
> generally files in a folder someplace.  Backups (and restores) are pretty
> easy.
> * I'm sure I'm going to be asked about Exchange.  As I understand it, the
> primary advantages for GW are:
>   -- less admin / maintenacne required.  I hear this alot, but haven't
> been able to quantify it.
>   -- less expensive licensing, both per seat for GW, and the fact that
> Exchange requires a per-seat license for Exchange and a client access
> license for the Windows server
>   -- easier deployment, because my current Windows environment is one of
> stand-alone (workgroup) servers; no Active Directory, which is required by
> Exchange
> Any corrections / advice / insight appreciated, especially from anyone who
> has used both and has a feel for what GW does better than Exchange (or vice
> versa)
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I'm in my own little world.  But that's OK,
because they all know me here.

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