[ngw] GWTSA Restore Issue

Matt Ray mray at gwguru.com
Sun Jul 10 14:32:06 UTC 2005

Yes, your best bet is probably CA. However, this log is confusing. Is there info missing? Why are the dates so widely seperated? 

I presume it is the latest entries that are the problem? Then the E3034 error is key. Try the CA kb at http://supportconnect.ca.com/ for possible solutions. 

Maybe someone changed the ADMIN credentials. Or whatever the name of the backup user is. CLIB and SMS versions also seem to be suspects. Or number connections under the backup user's ID.


Yes, it's confusing to us as well.   We can only assume that the dates above are from the backup or something, perhaps listing the dates the files were actually backed up.   But those dates show up in all the logs right before the dates of our current actions.  

Thanks for the additional ideas to check. 


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