[ngw] GW 7 Corrupt attachments

Ralph Lock ralph at ipa.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 09:47:24 UTC 2007

What speed is the link to the remote site?  I recall that Caching mode isn't recommended  across a slow link (and no, I can't remember what the official definition of 'slow' is)


>>> "Mike Brady" <mbrady at ingenuityieq.com> 04/12/2007 19:05 >>>

We are running 7.02HP on SLES 10.  On more that one occasion, users of our mail system have sent attachments that ended up being corrupt and unreadable by the recipient.  Both sender and recipient are internal to my mail system.  In all of the cases so far, the sender was operating in caching mode from a remote site.  No errors appear anywhere, including the logs.  The attachment appears to be there in the recipients mailbox, showing the appropriate size.  Trying to open the attachment, nothing happens, and trying to drag it to the desktop nothing happens. I was able to have the user resend, and the resent file worked fine.  Anyone seen this behavior?


Mike Brady
IT Specialist
Ingenuity IEQ

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