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Poul Lausen pla at ekj.dk
Wed Dec 19 21:04:34 UTC 2007

The link is:
- poul

>>> 19-12-2007 kl. 20:14 skrev "Kevin Jackson" <kjackson at daytonprogress.com>:
The GroupWise vs. Exchange document does not download properly.  All I get it a 1K file that does not open as a PDF.

>>> kees.stravers at xs4all.nl 12/19/2007 11:14:40 AM >>>

I recently saw a discussion about Groupwise vs. Exchange on this list,
and someone mentioning there should be a document outlining the differences.

At the beginning of this month I visited the Groupwise EMEA summit
organized by the Groupwise user group GroupwiseR. The first session was
by John Ellis, the person responsible for the email systems of a large
firm, who had to do a migration from Groupwise to Exchange. He had a
very interesting session about all problems he encountered on this
route. His session slides, and the notes I took during this session, are
now online on the summit site at:


I hope my notes are of use.

There were many other interesting sessions as well, their slides are at:


Kees Stravers

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