Novell GroupWise HTML Email Buffer Overflow

James Taylor James.Taylor at
Thu Dec 27 04:17:13 UTC 2007

This looks interesting.
I don't recall Novell ever "silently" patching anything in GroupWise.

(8) HIGH: Novell GroupWise HTML Email Buffer Overflow
Novell GroupWise versions 6.5.6 and prior

Description: Novell GroupWise is Novell's enterprise groupware solution.
GroupWise contains a flaw in its handling of email with embedded HTML.
A specially crafted email message containing and overlong __src__
parameter to an __<img>__ tag could trigger a buffer overflow
vulnerability. Successfully exploiting this vulnerability would allow
an attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the current
user. Full technical details and multiple proofs-of-concept are publicly
available for this vulnerability. This vulnerability is exploitable only
if the user has the __HTML Preview__ option enabled and responds to or
forwards a malicious email; simply reading a malicious message is
insufficient to exploit this vulnerability.

Status: According to reports, Novell has silently patched this vulnerability.

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