[ngw] To Ken/Morris - GW7IR1 WA bug found

Lori Binner LBinner at JJKELLER.COM
Mon Feb 26 17:22:28 UTC 2007

Thanks for pointing this out Mike! We use the Sophos too & I didn't realize this was a problem until you pointed it out.


>>> "Mike Abraham" <Mabraham at conestogac.on.ca> 2/26/2007 10:10 AM >>>

This worked fine in 7.0.1, but is now broken in IR1 WebAccess.

We generate Spam Digest reports using SOPHOS's PureMessage twice each day.
The digest report allows our end-users to release their messages by replying to the digest report.
<see sample digest report attached>

The digest report contains a reply to address something like "pmx-auto-approve+ <long digest ID#>"
In the Desktop GW client, the address works fine.
In the GW Webaccess client, the + is changed to a -, because the original address is passed as a % (in HTML code).
When the end-user replies, it bounces because the user is unknown with the - 
With the + present, it passes the user "pmx-auto-approve" plus the digest ID to the PureMessage Engine.

Novell Netmail 3.5x also has this issue, but has never been resolved.

Thought I would point this issue out for SP2.


Mike Abraham
Netmail & GroupWise Administrator
Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning 
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